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The world's First Loyalty Program that gives you the ability to earn an unlimited income whilst playing your favourite games. Join and don't miss your opportunity become One of the First Members of the Loyalty Program. Download our easy to use and transparent App and discover how you can monetize your gaming time


The only ONE in the world
groundbreaking Blockchain
technology based Loyalty
Program for gamers

At the heart of our Loyalty Program is the GMP cryptocurrency. Players have the opportunity to easily develop your referral network and monetize your social activities. You have the opportunity to trade on crypto exchanges using our cryptocurrency. You are getting unique ability to build your Empire playing your favourite games

Unique Benefits for Players

  • Personal 5 level referral system
    Our 5 level referral system is based on blockchain technology and allows you to build a multi-level network, resulting in high levels of income
  • Opportunity to monetize your personal gaming achievements
    Players can monetize their personal achievements
  • Your time is your money
    You can effectively monetize the time spent in games and if certain conditions are met, you will be awarded with our GMP cryptocurrency for the time your referrals spent in the game
  • Exclusive Benefits for game items
    The players receive unique conditions for receiving game items
  • Support and development of your personal profile
    We will help you develop and expand your personal profile. You will have all the tools required for promoting your referral link and building your referral network. This is truly the first genuine opportunity to play a game and earn at the same time
  • Transparency and reliability
    Blockchain technology has proven to have a high level of reliability, transparency and security. SRG platform based on Blockchain technology
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How it works

GMP Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology

Loyalty Program is using the GMP cryptocurrency, which is a means of payment, is used. With GMP cryptocurrency you can make purchases of game items, transfer GMP cryptocurrency to other users, whilst monetize your activities with a minimum Commission. The Blockchain technology we have developed provides complete safety, transparency and control. GMP cryptocurrency can be used as a universal way of payment. There are no limits on how GMP can be used. You can make a trading operations on crypto exchanges using our cryptocurrency

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